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Reproductive Freedom Walking Tours Through Lower Manhattan


Reproductive Freedom Walking Tours Through Lower Manhattan

With Social Justice Tours

Reproductive Freedom Walking Tours!

Walk with us and share the people, places and stories of reproductive freedom in New York!  Walk through Old New York … Tribeca, Soho, Greenwich Village.

Dates in May and June 2019

Sun May 12 at 1 pm

Sun May 26 at 1 pm

Wed Jun 12 at 2 pm

Sun Jun 26 at 1 pm

Sat Jun 29 at 1 pm


(10 percent to New York Abortion Access Fund)

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Reproductive Freedom in Lower Manhattan

Tour Guide: Cindy Cooper
Start Location: Broadway & Park Row · 2 Hours · 2 Miles

This tour traces the people and places in New York that have been instrumental in the fight for reproductive health, rights and justice, and the adversaries that they’ve encountered along the way. While walking through old New York, Tribeca, Soho and Greenwich Village, this tour connects the past and the present. Focusing on the 100 years from the end of the Civil War to the 1970s, the tour also looks at the universal desires for reproductive freedom and the struggles that still exist today.

Themes Covered: History & Status of Reproductive Freedom, Rights, Health & Justice, Changes in Abortion Laws, Suppression of & Access to Contraception & Birth Control, Related & Intersectional Issues of Bodily Autonomy, Maternal Mortality, Activism, Safety, Nondiscrimination, Equality, Human Rights

Sites Covered: Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony Marker, Anthony Comstock Outpost, Madame Restell Facility, New York Pharmacy, New York Hospital House of Relief, Trojan Condom & Margaret Sanger’s Diaphragm Headquarters, Illegal Abortion Meeting Site, Mid-19th Century Brothel Setting, 1910 Tenement, First Italian Catholic Church in the US, Polly’s Restaurant, Washington Square Church, Judson Memorial Church, Washington Square Park


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Featuring Alinca Hamilton, Donna Jean Fogel, Carl H. Jaynes

Directed by Francesca Mantani Arkus

The Reproductive Freedom Festival continued with an inspiring collection of writings on reproductive freedom, health and justice. Created by Cindy Cooper.

Listen to WBAI’s Joy of Resistance: Fran Luck talks about the play and challenges to abortion today.

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Short Plays on Reproductive Freedom

34 Plays and Performance Pieces Reproductive Health, Rights, Justice and Bodily Autonomy

These scripts were Live-Streamed to All 50 States and 10 Countries!


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