About The Festival

About The Reproductive Freedom Festival 2017-10-01T14:48:00+00:00

A Festival Of Short Works Celebrating the Fundamental Right To Human Reproductive Autonomy

Performed LIVE in NYC and STREAMED LIVE to the world

This unique first-time theatrical festival, sponsored by Words of Choice will take place on March 20th in New York City and will also be live-streamed across the country.

Unleashing The Power Of Imagination and Creativity In Support Of Reproductive Freedom, Rights, Health and Justice!

The Festival

The Reproductive Freedom Festival, a theatrical recognition and celebration of the fundamental human right to bodily autonomy, was developed by Words of Choice to support reproductive freedom, rights, health and justice and to generate new conversations on these subjects. We are pro-women’s rights, pro-human rights, pro-reproductive rights, pro-reproductive justice and pro-choice.

Short theatrical works, poetry and spoken word selections were presented in a Live Theatrical Reading, at The TACT Studio in NYC and also streamed live to the world, via a multi-camera interactive livestream.  

The Reproductive Freedom Festival is supported by The Puffin Foundation, the Abortion Conversations Project, the Anne Hale and Arthur Johnson Community Trust, and many individual donors.

The Live-Stream

One of the best parts! The Live Event in New York was be shared simultaneously across the country (and world) via premiere high-quality Live Arts Streaming of VirtualArts TVThis is not your back-of-the-house wobbly camera, but a professional multi-camera set-up of the theatrical works.  People feel like you are in the room with the performers in New York!  People in every state and nine countries watched!

Included will be short interviews with experts and artists, along with selected visual arts. Online participants may join in by Twitter and instant messaging.  In other words, this is TV of dynamic new writings coming through to you by computer, with international online participation. 

Connect with reproductive freedom advocates across the country!

The Details

Half-hour sets, each completely different, of short theatrical works and poetry collected from across the country and presented by talented New York actors under the guidance of SIX directors. Artists and activists will describe their works every half hour.

That’s SIX unique and completely different sets! Come for three hours!  Come for a half-hour!

Style: Comedy, drama, biography, satire, fantasy, history, spoken word, memoir, poetry, song and a little bit of visual art.

Topics: Reproductive freedom, rights, health and justice, abortion, birth control, body image, sexuality, menopause, sexual safety, gender-based assault, pregnancy, birthing, health care, escorts, parenting, clinic work, history, law, medicine, economic justice, anti-abortion harassment, prisoners’ rights, activism, politics.

Why: Things are rough out there for Reproductive Freedom. We need to RAISE our voices and share our talents!

You can!

Do you live NYC?

Join us in the TACT Studio!  900 Broadway, Suite 905, NY 10003 (betw W. 19th and W. 20th St.) Order an advance ticket from Brown Paper Tickets for $8.

Do you live anywhere in the world
and have internet access?

Join us LIVE, right here as we livestream the Reproductive Freedom Festival to a worldwide audience!
We’re happy to send you a reminder!

Wherever you are, plan a Viewing Party!

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Raise some fun!

You can get a FREE Viewing Packet with Party ideas, Resources, Graphics, and other details. Just click here!

We hope this worldwide Live Streaming opportunity produced through VirtualArtsTV will support the good works of like-minded grassroots groups and nonprofits across the country and the world.

Writers were offered opportunities to promote or support an organization. Now, you, the viewers, can too.

Send us your thoughts about community organizations and nonprofits that support Reproductive Health, Rights, Freedom and Justice for a little shout-out during our Live Stream!

(Please note: political candidates and campaigns can’t be considered because of government restrictions on nonprofits.)


You are part of this event!

Wherever you are you can be in the room with us on March 20, 2016 (6 pm to 9 pm EST!)

You can Tweet and IM! #ReproRights @ChoiceTheater

Set up a Viewing Party! We have Listener Packets for you!

And if you are in NYC, you can join us LIVE in the Studio. At The TACT Studio, 900 Broadway, Suite 905. Order a ticket in advance, here.

Volunteers of all sorts are invited to join us, too! Please contact. ReproductiveFreedomFestival@gmail.com