A group from Virginia organized a bus to the state capitol to oppose anti-abortion legislation after being inspired by a previous Words of Choice show.

What issues are being debated in your state legislature? Organize a bus to your state capitol. Ask your state representative to meet informally on the issues you care about.


Combine your creative side (art, music, writing or anything that helps you express yourself) with your interest in protecting and supporting reproductive freedom? For poetry and spoken word inspiration, check out


Throw a letter-writing party at your organization, house, at a café, or in the park to write personal letters to your elected officials and Supreme Court justices telling them why you and your friends support reproductive justice.

Mail your letter to:
Chief Justice (Justice’s Full Name)
The Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street NE
Washington, DC 20543


Support an abortion fund that helps low-income women in your community. The National Network of Abortion Funds provides a directory of members, as well as information on starting your own fund.


So many ways to tell your story.

Check out this blog post at Words of Choice, and see what is the best storytelling fit for you.


So many Great Books.

Find a list in the Resources below…

And that’s just the beginning….


Talk about pregnancy and abortion with your friends and family.

Find tips at The Abortion Conversation Project


Docs and narrative.

So many great films  listed in the resource section below.


Write an article or op-ed about why you support reproductive freedom friendly legislation and submit it to the editors of your local and school newspapers, your professional or community organization’s newsletters, and your favorite blogs and on-line news sites.


Support the work of other organizations. The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health has a great resource list but expand your search, particularly to include smaller, local organizations.


Research and visit your local clinics and health centers. Speak with clinic volunteer coordinators to find out more about what they do. What is their perspective on pregnancy, contraception and abortion? How aware are they to the needs of the different backgrounds of people in your community?


Stay abreast of current events surrounding reproductive issues, on the local, state, federal, and international level. There is a lot going on right now that you should stay aware of. Don’t focus solely on federal issues, state and local legislation will more greatly impact your day to day life.


Narrative Films

Obvious Child
La Loi (French biopic)
If These Walls Could Talk
Dirty Dancing
4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days
Vera Drake
Citizen Ruth
The Cider House Rules
Just Another Girl on the IRT
Fetus Envy (short film, on YouTube)


No Mas Bebes
After Tiller
How to Lose Your Virginity
The Abortion Diaries
Let’s Talk About Sex
I Had an Abortion
The Pill (Directed by Erna Buffie and Elise Swerhone)
Beyond the Politics of Life and Choice
12th and Delaware
The Coat Hanger Project
From Danger to Dignity


Devices and Desires: A History of Contraception in America by Andrea Tone
The Story of Jane: Legendary Feminist Underground Abortion Service by Laura Kaplan
Crow After Roe: How ‘Separate but Equal’ Has Become the New Standard in Women’s Health and How We Can Change That by Robin Marty & Jessica Mason Pieklo
This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor by Susan Wicklund
Living in the Crosshairs: The Untold Stories of Anti-Abortion Terrorism by David S. Cohen and Krysten Connon
Condom Nation: The U.S. Government’s Sex Education Campaign from World War I to the Internet by Alexandra Lord
Doctors of Conscience by Carole Joffe
Killing the Black Body: Reproduction, Liberty, and the Meaning of Liberty by Dorothy Roberts
Roe v. Wade by Marian Faux
The Choices We Made by Angela Bonavoglia
Generation Roe by Sarah Erdreich
Undivided Rights: Women of Color Organizing for Reproductive Justice by Jael Silliman, Marlene Gerber Fried, Loretta Ross, and Elena Gutierrez
What if Your Mother by Judith Arcana
Front Lines: Political Plays by American Women ed Shirley Lauro and Alexis Greene (includes Words of Choice)
PRO by Katha Pollitt


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Material on this page prepared by Rachel Goddard.